Manisha Dookhony

Managing Partner - Mauritius

Manisha Dookhony

16 years’ experience advising businesses leaders and governments on Investment, Trade and private sector development in Africa

  • Strategic & Investment Advisory for Public and Private Sector: advising Funds and Firms looking for investment possibilities in Africa; matchmaking and facilitating Investments in Agribusiness, Technology, Property & Impact Projects (Rwanda, Mauritius, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Burundi, Benin)
  • Private sector development: Organised Financial services and BPO Sector development conference; Launched the Rwanda Public Private Dialogue; Facilitated investment in Eastern and Southern Africa; Supported the establishment of Special Economic Zone in Rwanda

  • Institutional Reform: Organising rehaul of the Lesotho economic development agency; Fostered institutional reforms for the restructuring of the Rwanda Ministry of Trade

  • Member of several boards, including: Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Board (2014-2018), Ultimate Developers Limited - Rwanda (2012-2013), Rajiv Gandhi Science Center, Mauritius (2012-2016)

  • Master in Public Administration (MPA), Harvard Kennedy School

  • Master in Economics, Jawaharlal Neru University (India) & Bachelor in Economics (Delhi University)