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Africa now
...but how ?

  • Yes, Africa is today «the last frontier» and a land of fantastic opportunities... but the Eldorado might turn out to be a mirage for those who are not able to correctly apprehend the specificity and complexity of the continent.
  • We have a successful track record on numerous projects, leveraging the positive impacts as a tool for development, while mitigating risks and negative impacts.
  • We help to design bankable and sustainable projects, in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, international standards, and with the support of local stakeholders.
  • We offer the competencies of passionate people with strong on-the-ground experience in complementary areas of expertise as well as a wide network of partners.

Rwenzori, at the heart of Africa

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Rwenzori mountain range stretches across the heart of Africa, at a short distance from the Equator at the border between the hemispheres and Francophone and Anglophone Africa (DR Congo /Uganda).

Among its permanently snow capped mountains you will find the third highest mountain peak in Africa, the highest source of the Nile.

Rwenzori symbolizes the diversity and complexity of the African continent along with the challenges and opportunities it offers, which our team is keen to take up with you.

Because Africa is complex and diverse, succeeding requires an integrated strategy with the support of seasoned field experts and a strong local network of collaborators.

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There cannot be success without an in-depth analysis of the context, the stakeholders, opportunities but also the risks associated with the African markets.

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Making your project compliant with national and international laws and standards while respecting your commitment toward various stakeholders is a key factor for your success - or failure - and must be entailed into a global integrated risk management strategy and policy.

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Social and Community acceptance, and weaving local and regional partnerships are also essential to your success in Africa.