An integrated approach - source of competitive advantage

Our team is your privileged and unique partner and offer you a top tier multidisciplinary expertise.

An integrated approach

  • A field team relying on a high quality network all over the continent that will accelerate your growth into unique efficiency and competitiveness.
  • A global approach that will an essential contributor to minimizing the associated risks as well as to cost-efficiency and time saving, making your project more sustainable and profitable.

Our assests and commitments

  • A multidisciplinary team – from public / private sector and International Development - having strong links and records with Africa.
  • A genuine commitment, deep convictions and strong ethic to provide responsible, sustainable and inclusive development.

  • The guarantee to support and develop your activities in total transparency with strict compliance to local and international laws, rules and standards.
  • An open minded and respectful attitude toward local culture encompassing solid social and community integration.

Our ambition

We are a team of field experts and consultants who have strong links with Africa and a common goal for ambitious projects: we ease and facilitate your establishment and development on the continent.

Based in Paris, Nairobi and Boston, and working with our significant network of partners in Africa and internationally, we support companies and investors who want to thrive on the African continent.

Bound by the strictest ethical standards and values, we facilitate the establishment and sustainable growth of your projects in Africa, from Strategy design to operational implementation.